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L'AVETIS - Handmade in Barcelona

Welcome to L’AVETIS. We offer a bridal gown tailoring and dress-making service that has a step to step process for you. Starting from the moment that you choose your dress and following whatever personalized pattern that you pick to finish your haute couture. We invite you to visit us and let us make you feel like the bride you want to be.

The L’AVETIS team has extensive experience and will be delighted to receive you in our wedding store in Barcelona. We urge that you listen closely to your desires and challenge our team into creating your dream wedding gown. We will gather what we know about your wants and combine it with our personal experience and you will be the hero of your own fairy tale. Our creations always indulge in luxury and comfort along with our innovation staying classic. In the end our daring brides can feel romantic and classic at the same time. Our client’s satisfaction is top priority for L’AVETIS.


In L’AVETIS we share your dream of designing the perfect dress.

The process of tailor-making a bride’s dress requires following a procedure in which L’AVETIS guides you from the beginning to the end. First you choose a dress that best responds to your idea and from there we work together to make the necessary changes to the design until it fulfills all your specifications. Then the dressmaking workshop starts: we take the measurements then make a personalized pattern for the bride and after that we cut the fabric. Next step is the trials; we adapt the dress until its perfect. Finally, we get to the haute couture phase in which the bridal gown acquires the unique touch of sophistication. We are here to help you obtain the wedding you have always desired.

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