L’AVETIS was born with the idea of crafting to create a gown for each bride. Our designs blend rich fabric and lace along with beading and detailing. L’AVETIS has sculpted its designs from over the years through drawings that took shape in lavish creations. In 2015 this dream of creating gowns that bring individuality to each bride became a reality in Barcelona, Spain. In honor of the family tradition that was used to inspire the grounds of the brand that is now named L’AVETIS.

Brides deserve to be at their most beautiful; our purpose is to not only design and produce the perfect gown but to make any changes the brides’ desire. Many generations of professionals in the art of dressmaking are ready to be at your service. The ideals of L’AVETIS have put together dresses of unique character, for each piece we deliver is a reflection of the love and passion our team has for designing lavish gowns. Every bride receives personalized attention and we accompany them in a step to step process until they are 100% happy with the results. We want every bride to feel at their most beautiful and with that any and every alteration is possible. A spirit that reigns over fashion is what ultimately defines the style of L’AVETIS.

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